Technowrapp pallet wrappers: we take care of your product

We design and manufacture automatic turntable, arm and rotary ring pallet wrapping machines and pallet handling systems. When manufacturing our automatic pallet wrappers we set ourselves the goal of making your pallet as stable as possible while using the minimum amount of film, both for you and the environment. We achieved this goal: theTechnowrapp automatic pallet wrappers wrap your pallet, guaranteeing stability using just 76 grams of film. Something unachievable for others is our starting point.
In these pages discover why our plants tirelessly produce in 54 countries worldwide over 5 continents.

Followin brochures can be downloaded here: TWIN RINGS


For this automatic pallet wrapper we thought of two rings to hold the reel holder carriage on the upper and lower parts, two rings to counter the torsion that the pre-stretch carriage exerts, two rings to help the operator while changing the reel. A simple solution to avoid a heavy carriage structure and torque on the ring. A patent that eliminates the limit of rotary ring automatic pallet wrappers.

The benefits are evident:
– less stress is exerted on the entire structure of the automatic pallet wrapper;
– the aluminium rotary ring and the pre-stretch carriage no long require heavy structures to contain the torsion;
– ring acceleration and stopping reach new records as they no longer bear useless weights;
– the two rings leave the entire surface of the carriage free and consequently the reel is changed out of the truck in an easy way for the operator.

Take a look at the video of Tecnowrapp´s machines here

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